Fear: The Biggest Bearrier

Earlier this weekend, I was talking with someone about the projects that I’m working on. She read a few of my posts and immediately created her own dotcom- it was amazing to see her jump into action with something that she’s been holding in her heart and mind for a long time. I was so juiced (excited).

As she was completing the final stages of the dotcom process, she shared with me that she was hearing something say “Why are you even trying? You tried this before and you failed”.  Hearing that made me sad and somewhat fearful for her. Fearful because I didn’t want that doubt or fear to take over as she’s beginning her journey toward her dreams. Fearful because I’ve felt something similar before and it prevented me from moving forward with my goals.

Fear is something that hits almost all of us when we’re doing something outside of our norm. I know I was hit with it when I first published Daydreamer’s Desk. I only sent the link to my sisters and close friends. I was hesitant, nervous, scared, and fearful to post a Facebook status asking people to check it out and follow. I was fearful of the scrutiny and the judgement that I may be subjecting myself to. I was scared, but then I realized that this fear wasn’t going to help me. It wasn’t going to change anything for the better. It was only going to allow my dreams to continue collecting dust. This fear was just going to hold me back and the blog that I so love and cherish would be a secret between me and people that I call friends and family.

Then I realized that I could possibly be doing a disservice to some of my Facebook followers. Facebook followers that also have a dream that they’ve let collect dust, a dream that they’re fearful to share with others, a dream that they just haven’t started or put any work into. I realized that my journey could ENCOURAGE a fellow dreamer to begin working. I realized that helping others is the REASON I’m writing this. I’m writing so that other people can feel the joy and excitement I feel when I’m doing something to achieve my goals.

So, I did it. I posted the announcement: I’ve started a blog about my journey towards my dreams. I’ve started a blog in hopes that someone else might be encouraged. I’d love for you to check it out.

I stepped out on faith. I allowed myself to be vulnerable, which wasn’t easy but why not?

I believe that Daydreamers Desk will help people put in the necessary work, energy, time, and faith into their dream.

Don’t let fear be your barrier, dreamer. Give your dream your time and believe that it’s worth your time. Be willing to make time for it. I promise you, it’s oh so worth it.


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